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15% surcharge on public holidays.

takeaway as well!

Mondays to Saturdays.
11am to 2pm.

Order and Pay at the bar.

Dim Sims. -

Prawn Dumplings. -

BBQ Pork Buns. -

Sui Mai. -

- Singapore Noodles.

- House Special Pad Thai Boran.

- Special Thai Fried Rice.

$14 Specials

$8 Steamed

(all comes with 3pcs)

(vegan/GF optional)

Curry Puffs. -

Spring Rolls. -

Chef Special. -

Shanghai Prawns. -

Satay Chicken Sticks. -

Egg Fried Rice -

Asian Greens With Oyster Sauce. -

chicken, pork, beef, vegetables.

$17 Dishes with Rice

- Teriyaki.

Black Bean.

- Mongolian.

- Basil Chilli.

- Ginger and Shallot.

- Sweet'n Sour.

- (red, green, massaman) Curry. NOT VEGAN/GF.

Local Favourites for $18

chicken, pork, beef, vegetables.

$8 Deep Fried

$10 Side Dishes

(all comes with 3pcs)

(vegan/GF optional)

- Nasi Goreng. (vegan/GF optional)

- Special Laksa Soup.

- Crispy Chicken Panang.

chicken, pork, beef, vegetables.

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