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Mondays to Saturdays.
5pm to 8:30pm

15% surcharge on public holidays.



Golden fried vegetable spring rolls served with sweet chilli sauce.

Vegetarian Lumpia. (3 pcs)

Puff pastry fried with sweet potato, curry powder, oyster sauce, garlic, coriander and onion inside, served with sweet chilli sauce.

Spiral Curry Puffs. (3 pcs)

Dim Sims. - fried or steamed (3 pcs)

Chef's Special. (3 pcs)

Prawn and pork mince mixed with carrot, coriander, and garlic marinade, steamed, then deep-fried, and served with sweet chilli sauce.

Satay Chicken Sticks. (3 pcs)

Marinated chicken served with satay sauce.

Salt'n Pepper Calamari.

Calamari with Chinese five-spice powder, ginger, celery powder, pepper, onion, garlic, red chill and rice wine.

Prawn Chips.

(GF optional) Sang Chow Bow. (3 pc)

Fish Cakes. (3 pcs)

Wonton Soup. (3 pcs)

Chinese starter with beef mince and Chinese sauce, garlic, ginger, onions, sesame oil, Shao hsing wine and coriander served in to fresh lettuce leaves

Prawns in a pastry bag, deep fried and served with plum sauce.

Shanghai Prawns. (3 pcs)


Chef Recommendations

Honey Chicken.


Deep fried chicken breast, stirred

with organic honey and sesame seeds.

Char-Sui. (BBQ Pork)


Cantonese style BBQ pork in a mixture of

honey, five-spice powder, dark soy and rice wine.

Served with plum sauce and steamed Asian greens.

Pla Sam Rod.


Deep fried fish stirred with garlic, coriander,

red chilli, sweet chilli and the chef’s special sauce.

Pla Lui Suan. (Fish Salad)


Fried fish with Thai herbs, garlic, kaffir lime leaf,

lemongrass, red onion, mint, and dried chilli.

Served with special salad sauce.

BBQ Duck Breast in Plum Sauce.


Chef special marinade duck with steam vegetables.

Finished with house special plum sauce.

Special Crispy Pork Belly.


With homemade chilli paste,

kaffir lime leaf and vegetables.

Yam Sam Grob.


Taste of Asia.


Tempura seafood combined with Thai chilli sauce,

cashew nuts and vegetable salad.

Mixture of crispy pork, roast duck and BBQ pork. 

Served with steamed vegetables and

topped with chef's special sauce.

Stir Fries

(vegan/GF optional)

Chop Suey.

Mixed Asian vegetables with garlic and light soy sauce.


Chef's special teriyaki sauce, garlic, ginger and vegetables.

Black Bean.

Vegetables with salted black beans, garlic and Chinese rice wine.


Garlic, ginger, onion and vegetables with Mongolian sauce.

Basil Chilli.

With garlic and vegetables.

Ginger and Shallot.

Fresh ginger, shallots, onion, garlic, black mushroom and vegetables.

Cashew Nut.

- vegetables.

- chicken, pork, beef.

- prawns, seafood.

Sweet'n Sour Pork.

Pork batter with sweet and sour sauce, onion,

capsicum, pineapple and shallots.

Szechuan Beef.


Sliced beef with Szechuan pepper sauce, garlic,

ginger, chilli and steamed Asian greens.

Kung Pao Chicken.


With Chinese rice wine, special sauce,

dried chilli, shallots and cashew nuts

Scallop Broccoli.


With light soy sauce, garlic, carrots and mixed vegetables.

Basil Chilli with Crispy Pork Belly.

With basil, chilli, garlic and vegetables.

Black Pepper Prawns.


Singapore’s favourites. With garlic and vegetables.

Soups and Curries

Tom Yum Soup.

- chicken, pork, beef.

- prawns, seafood.

8.5 | 19
14 | 22

Special Laksa Soup.

- chicken, pork, beef.

- prawns, seafood.

- vegetables.


Massaman Curry.

Massaman curry paste, coconut cream with vegetables.

Gang Dang.

Red curry paste, coconut cream with vegetables.

Gang Keaw Warn.

Green curry paste, coconut cream with vegetables.

- chicken, pork, beef.

- vegetables.


- prawns, seafood.


Roast Duck Curry.


Beef Rendang.


Malaysian style curry with tender beef,

lemongrass, garlic, galangal, onion, ginger, dried chilli, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and coconut cream. Topped with mixed pickles

Popular Thai soup with lemon juice, kaffir lime leaves.

With coconut milk, laksa paste, hokkien noodes.

small | large

Sliced duck in medium heat red

curry with coconut cream, tomato, pineapple,

lychee, lime leaves and Thai basil.

Tampa Gold Prawns.


Medium heat panang curry with kaffir

lime leaf, garnished with coconut cream and red chilli.



Fresh Chilli.

Takeaway containers.

Sauces. (soy, chilli, satay)

Extra meat/vegetables.


Noodles and Rice

Nasi Goreng.

Indonesian style fried rice combined peas, a piece of satay stick and egg on top.

Singapore Noodle.

Stir-fried noodles with onion, capsicum, curry powder, garlic, bean sprouts and Singapore sauce.

House Special Pad Thai Boran.

Original Thai rice noodles stir fried with sweet radish, egg, tamarind sauce, been sprouts and peanuts.

Cha Kway Teow.

Singapore’s favourite stir fried noodle dish with bean sprouts, onion and green shallots in a soy and oyster sauce.

Pad See Ew.

Thailand's stir-fried noodles with soy sauce, garlic and vegetables.

Mee Goreng.

Indonesian stir-fried hokkien noodles with mixed vegetables.

Special Thai Fried Rice.

Thai famous stir-fried rice with Asian greens, tomatoes, onions, garlic and egg.

- prawns, seafood. (GF optional)

- vegetables. (vegan/GF optional)

- chicken, pork, beef. (GF optional)

small | large

Steamed Rice.

4 | 5
6 | 7

Coconut Rice.

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